About Me

I’m still finding that out on a daily basis and to be honest, it’s not really about who I am, it’s about who I know. But here’s what I’ve figured out so far: I love writing, I’m passionate about relationships and seeing God bring people together, I love to bake and sing and the lawyer in me means I enjoy dissecting the word of God and discovering things that I didn’t know before.

What I do? I’m a solicitor by day and a minister at my home church, House of Inspiration.

What’s your name? Funny question I know. My first name is Modupe (Dupe for short), a beautiful Nigerian name meaning “thanks be to God”, but a name I had to learn to love. My middle is Charlotte, meaning little woman born to rule or strength and my last name has recently changed from Alatise to Ononuju which means “living in wealth” (I am now married to a wonderful Igbo man). So you may see me refer to myself using any combination of these!